RidgeTech Automation Inc. is excited to announce that we have added 3D Simulations and Virtual Commissioning to our service offering.  We now have the capability of providing simulations for a wide range of processes and equipment extending from individual machines to entire plant solutions.  With our latest investment in Rockwell Automation’s Emulate 3D Software, we can merge our control software with our clients’ mechanical designs to create fully functioning digital production lines before a single piece of equipment ever gets built.  This technology is critical in supporting the development of new layouts and processes by allowing clients to test various design concepts without the expense of reassembling or relocating physical machines.  On top of that, we now offer virtual commissioning services to help debug designs and logic faster and more efficiently.

These added services are allowing our clients to:

  • Try new machines in their facilities before actually buying them
  • Test different machine concepts and layouts without the expensive re-work
  • Simulate processes that might be too dangerous to test otherwise
  • Validate programming and system functionality remotely
  • Significantly shorten commissioning times

Along with 3D simulation, RidgeTech offers 3D cable layouts in conjunction with our 3D panel designs.  This service helps save time and money during installation by minimizing rework and providing installers and electricians with accurate, 3 dimensional visuals to show how cables should be connected and distributed on machinery and equipment.

“RidgeTech specializes in integrating large production and processing lines, including machinery and equipment from all over the world, and the ability to simulate these systems prior to everything arriving on site is a real game changer for our clients”, says Leigh Spraggett, President of RidgeTech Automation. “Our clients had been asking us to provide these services for a while but with the visitor restrictions and employee limits imposed by the pandemic, we realized it was something we absolutely needed to move forward with. This technology allows us to virtually test and commission systems in a remote environment, letting us catch many of the issues normally found during on site commissioning. This reduces the length of time and the number of people required in our clients’ facilities. Our clients are already seeing the payback from these services through reduced installation and commissioning costs and fewer people on site.”

Check out the digital engineering services RidgeTech offers with our Emulate 3D Video


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