Rittal Certified Program

RidgeTech Automation Inc. is excited to announce that we have joined the Rittal Certified Systems Integrator Program.  The program is designed to provide industry with a qualified group of companies who have exceptional knowledge and experience in specifying and configuring Rittal enclosure and climate systems.  RidgeTech has been integrating Rittal enclosures in their control solutions for many years and have most recently found great success utilizing Rittal’s Hygienic Design (HD) Series of enclosures in the food and beverage industry.  

RidgeTech is currently implementing a project with over 230 Rittal enclosures ranging from the Free Standing Enclosures to the Compact and Terminal Enclosures.  “We have found the inherent modularity in Rittal systems provides a major design advantage over comparable offerings,” says Leigh Spraggett, President of RidgeTech Automation, “and Rittal’s quality is second to none.  We have seen the HD series of panels withstand some of the harshest environments possible on a production floor.”  “We look forward to working closely with Rittal on future projects and to furthering our commitment of providing our clients with the highest quality, most trusted automation solutions in the industry.”

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