The team at RidgeTech Automation is excited to be settled into our newly expanded office space at 250 Royal Oak Road in Cambridge, ON. We recently grew the office from 3000 to 5000 square feet and added more desks, meeting space and a new boardroom. “Adding the new space has opened up the overall look and feel of the office and really brightened everything up,” said RidgeTech President Leigh Spraggett, “we needed to expand the space to meet the requirements of our growing team.” Mark Burtenshaw, VP Operations at RidgeTech added: “When we first moved into 250 Royal Oak we were at 18 people and now we’re at 28 people and that growth naturally required more space.” The new office takes advantage of glass walls to keep the space bright and open as well as integrating features like height-adjustable desks so team members can stand to work if they want to. The layout offers flexible workspaces where team members can work together or independently as required with a key focus around communication and collaboration. “We’ve been proud to show off the renovations and the feedback from clients and suppliers has been extremely positive” says Spraggett.

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