Cambridge, Ontario (December 22, 2015) – RidgeTech Automation Inc. has just completed its First Annual Christmas Food and Toy Drive in support of the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank – and what an amazing drive it was! RidgeTech’s 22 employees donated 600 pounds of food, and the company matched the total dollar value of food with toys. Mike Wood, president of RidgeTech, said, “The volunteers at the Food Bank were so appreciative when we dropped everything off. The truck was loaded inside and out with food and toys. Many larger donations came from some of the younger members of our team, which was extremely impressive. With many people complaining about ‘kids these days,’ I am blown away with the generosity of this group of millennials.”

The food and toys were dropped off at the Food Bank in time to be dispersed for Christmas, and RidgeTech’s employees are excited to now have a goal to beat for next year’s Food and Toy Drive.

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