RidgeTech Automation was thrilled to have recently been invited by Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) to participate in an industry workshop relating to the future of manufacturing technology and Industry 4.0. As part of the Advanced Manufacturing Initiative, the NRC has been consulting industry leaders and investigating trends and activities in advanced manufacturing, to position Canada as a leading-edge nation in manufacturing technologies.

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss technology advancements, identify industry challenges, and determine the ways the NRC can assist industry in the development of novel technologies. Our own Mark Burtenshaw, along with members of other key local companies focused in the automation and advanced manufacturing sectors, spent the day working on a plan to help Canada’s manufacturing landscape remain competitive. Discussions during the workshop focused on four topics: the future of manufacturing, the current situation in Canada, the role that NRC should play in working together towards the future, and moving forward in the short term.

This is the first time the NRC has set out across Canada seeking feedback from industry, and as a result it is piecing together the Canadian industrial landscape, armed with the knowledge that the needs across industry are vast, wide-ranging and constantly changing. By joining resources and vision, the NRC and both public and private players can work to develop and demonstrate manufacturing technologies and applications, enabling Canadian enterprises to compete effectively in the global economy and continuously reach towards higher productivity. RidgeTech welcomed the opportunity to participate in this workshop, and we value these initiatives as a critical piece in building a platform to increase communication and awareness surrounding advanced manufacturing technologies.

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